Job I hated therapy.... :P

Probably have about 10-12ish hours into this game making it, it's not much, but I've always wanted to make a game where I drove my stupid delivery truck one more time.... the last time :P It felt good making it as a short project as I always hated my chip delivery job, it honestly almost killed me and ruined my life. Just a terrible working situation one that I let myself get stuck in for 6 years.

But thankfully the day I quit without a notice, my boss told me quitting without a notice would come back on me 10 fold.... and since that day my life has gotten better every single day :) Much more happy, I'm able to do something I love to do and now I'm finally back to making games and graphics.

I have a background in art and graphic design, but I tend to focus too much art artwork when I make games, I wanted to focus on actually finishing it.... so it's a complete game, it's not amazing, but I made it. I was going for a 90 arcade style like Lethal Enforcers or Pit Fighter.

Cheers everyone! Never done anything on this site before, but hope to upload more soon :)


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May 23, 2020

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