Run in Fullscreen.

Delete the blocks by touching them and move the Plock block (block with the "P" on it) to the platform, and you win!

How to play Plocks Block Pop Mini game. 

Delete as many blocks as you can before the Plock Block (block with the P on it)falls into the hole.

About Plocks Revisited 

Plocks was the very first game I ever developed, it was geared mostly towards kids to play on iPad. While not an amazing game it holds a very special place in my heart because of the countless hours of work I put into it. It represented years and years of wanting to do something and actually accomplishing it. Getting home from my terrible day job and working into the late hours of the night while sometimes going to work the next day with 2-3 hours of sleep only.

While ultimately my goal to be come a super rich iOS developer failed, I did learn that it's not about the money, it's about having fun at what you are doing and enjoying life. Plocks Revisited is a short homage to my old game to prove to myself that I can make something I'm very proud of after all these years.

The first game can be seen here in a game play video by GameSaku. Again, not  an innovative game, it had been done before but for someone who two years previously was working a delivery job they absolutely hated and almost made them want to quit at life, this was a step in the right direction.

Since making this game I have become a full time graphic designer which has helped my artwork and design skills immensely. I want to remake 10 levels or so of Plocks but really put my heart into it and make something interesting and fun.

Currently my plan is just 10 stages and the mini game. I have about 100 stages I could build from the old game if folks are interested. If I get more then 100 downloads of the game then I'll add more stages to it and a stage selection screen like the original game had. This game is very much geared towards kids :)

Also if your child likes the game, let me know and leave a comment I make these games for fun and to learn, so always good to hear feedback.


9/21/2023 - Minor bug fix and added in 5 more levels along with new bouncer blocks. More bouncer block levels to come in next update :D

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