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RGB was my entry into my first Ludum Dare competition. It was a local group I met up with at a Microsoft Campus, I stood out at the time because I brought a full-sized iMac 2011 to Microsoft... which was pretty hilarious. The theme for this Ludum Dare was Beneath the Surface and immediately I thought of something deep inside of the ocean.

Because I am a very visual game designer I started with the artwork. The artwork I started in a brand new program I bought called Hexels, this was the first version of Hexels that was out at the time. The crazy thing is the artworks till holds up today and I've grown so much as a digital artist since that time. All the artwork that has been uploaded so far is just uprezzed Hexel artwork.

The artwork below is actually made of of only 3 pieces of art from the original artwork I did 8 years ago. Just changed the hue and darkened it with a foreground blur. 

Compared to the original in game art I did 8 years ago, which is basically the same scene.

My original planning phase during Ludum Dare

And surprisingly, you cans still play the game here over on Gamesalad:


It is a very simple game that only takes about 5-10 minutes to beat, it's rough in some spots. 

This will be the second game that I have remade from games I have worked on in the past. The biggest reason I am going back to these games is a feel like I left something on the table with them, so this is my attempt to make them good enough for me to be happy with and proud of. 

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