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Step into the imaginative world a cutting-edge 1990s Modern Art Museum, where you, the intrepid player, find yourself mysteriously trapped within the museum's surreal halls. In this artsy adventure, your mission is to uncover hidden secrets, crack enigmatic codes, and solve mind-bending puzzles to escape from this mesmerizing labyrinth of contemporary art. Between two Worlds promises to transport you to a future where art and technology collide, offering an experience like no other as you strive to unlock the doors to freedom and unravel the mysteries that await within. Dive into the future today and embark on an unforgettable journey through the dimensions of art!

Check the guide, find the clues...

Between two Worlds features three total endings, multiple puzzles and secrets to find your way out of the museum in which you find yourself temporally trapped.

About Between two Worlds

I started creating this game for a game jam in June 2023. When I started I just wanted to mess around mostly with using Construct 3's 3D features they added awhile back. I've never made a 3D game and I thought it would be fun to try in Construct as I know this engine very well. The game turned into a tad more then anticipated and I wanted to put more time into it then the game jam would allow.

For the most part the game is about exploring a mid 90s art museum on the surface, but the nature of this reality will become more apparent to the player as they continue to explore the museum. 

Overall I'm happy with what I have made with this game, it will feature voice acting (from text to voice sources but sounds really good) unique artwork, some AI and other done by myself along with multiple endings and a few secrets that I doubt anyone could find and yes that is a challenge.... The game is challenging and will more then likely take a few playthroughs to see everything.

Retro 1990s video game advert

90s style video game advert

The games release date is tentative January 30th. I wanted to have it out sooner, but just want to make sure it's just right.

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