Between two Worlds - Copied from main Page

Below is everything that was on the about page of the game, I just wanted to move it to a blog and update the main page to more information about the game.

Between two Worlds - Between two Worlds is a game about exploring a museum and the oddities that come through this exploration.

The game is created using Construct 3 which there are a ton of constraints when compared to a traditional 3D engine like Unity. The biggest is having to design the 3D game from a top down perspective, which was really difficult to do at first, but now I'm somewhat use to it. This is the first 3D game I have ever made so I wanted to attempt it in an engine that I knew well as I've been using Construct 3 for years now.

My goal for the game is just a fun, slightly odd adventure game inside of a museum.

Was excited I could get something cool for the museums computer running in a sorta CGA mode

Something really funny to me about an admiration meter, especially when it covers what you are admiring :P 

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