First Day of Summer Slow Jams 2023: Idle

Started work today for this game jam. I have been wanting to do more of these, and I really haven't done many since wanting to be a game designer. I entered one back in 2014 for Ludum Dare and to my surprise I actually won 3rd place for my artwork in that one. Hard to believe that's been almost 10 years ago now.

I mostly want to focus on making a game, so all the artwork in this game I am creating through AI combined with my graphic design and layout skills, I have a pretty keen eye for when things look good, it's probably what I do best really as that is my day job. I also am very curious how far you can get using AI generated artwork with game dev, it seems like it could create some really interesting things quickly.

Normally when I start work on a new game it starts with artwork. I like to layout a simple level inside of photoshop or illustrator and then imagine mechanic of what the game might be about. Because I'm always doing artwork a lot of games I think about or do a simple layout of never get made.

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