Monster Mutation Machine is basically about mixing mutagens to create funny looking monsters (mutagens is the yellow, green and orange liquids falling out of the spouts) The scoring system work is basically a count down every monster starts at 10,000 points and depending on how much time you left pass and how much mutagen is collected for each part, your score will be higher, so if you want a higher score, either click a lot or play  a little longer cause these monsters need time to brew.

Game Tips: the "Fill Here" spouts will idly fill your bottles, the "click" spout will idly fill and also fill as fast as you can click while adding to your score multiplier.

You need to put all 5 bottles into the orange mixer to reveal your mutation and your real score!

If something doesn't work or you want to chat about it, just message me, was a tough week for me, but I'm happy to get the game finished-ish :)

Mostly working lab/machine

About the game:

Something I'm putting together for the Summer Slow Jams 2023: Idle. I'm a full time graphic designer by trade, while I can do pixel artwork, I'm choosing to use mostly AI generated artwork mixed with my design for this one. I want to focus more on gameplay as this is the area I am lacking in the most with game dev. I am also curious to see how well AI generated artwork can work in a game and how much quicker it could make projects like this.

Not 100% sure where I'm going with the game, but something about creating monsters in a lab.

I normally get inspired with artwork and then start to put together things to inspire me to work more on the game. I have a good idea of what I am going to do with the game. Here is the current title screen I have working.

Worked today on putting the artwork in to Construct, I got a decent title screen. I'm not sure about the doctor, but I thought the animation of him looked decent.

I'm working for over a million combinations of monsters, ultimately something like an NFT generator that will create a unique looking monster based on certain gameplay idle gameplay elements..... or at least that is my goal :P

Below are monster I have generated so far, they are missing a mouth and nose I haven't coded that part in yet.

1.01 Update - Added sound on and off functionality 


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