Second day - Title Screen of sorts....

I started putting together the title screen for my game today. I do realize that I do things in a sorta backwards way, but I really do love the design and art elements of games and making everything work together in interesting ways. I love clean transitions from title screens to starting the game and everything sorta built around moving the camera around, instead of going to a loading screen, I do realize that sometimes this can't be helped. I did study film making in my 20s and I really loved ultra long shots of scenes that didn't cut, so maybe that is where I get this from, idk.

I mostly finished the simple menu system today using Construct 3 I thought about using Unity for this one, but I just really am much more comfortable using Construct for 2D games, which most of my games are at this point. I like it when the title of the game is animated and moves around or can be interacted with in some way, sorta like the Mario head in Mario 64, but I have yet to add this inteaction in, but I will add something cool here.

I also added the scientist to the bottom left corner, I think he will say stats about the game and a few funny things here and there.

Otherwise I might start on some of the systems of the game today, it's an idle game of sorts so I have to make a simple version of what I want to do first to see if I can actually do it :P

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